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An unemployed person can seek employment from another EU/EEA country or Switzerland for three months and, for this period, receive the same amount of basic unemployment allowance or earnings-based allowance from Finland as he/she would receive if seeking

If you become unemployed after you have worked in a Nordic country, you are normally entitled to unemployment benefits from the country where you last worked. However, you are then required to make yourself available for work in the country from which you seek benefits. Unemployment benefits and the criteria for receiving such benefits are different in all the countries.

When you start working in Finland, Sweden or Denmark, you need to register with an unemployment fund in order to become eligible to receive an income-based daily allowance should you become unemployed. In Norway, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, you are automatically covered by the relevant country’s unemployment insurance.

Work in other Nordic countries is included

If it is required that you have been covered by unemployment insurance or have worked for a given period in order to receive unemployment benefits, any such time that you have been insured or worked in another Nordic country of EU/EEA country shall be included in the assessment of you entitlement to the benefits. According to the Nordic Convention on Social Security, periods of work in other Nordic countries are directly taken into account without you having first to work in the country to which you return. This requires that over the past five years you

  • have received unemployment benefits in the country to which you move or
  • have had unemployment insurance in the country to which you are moving (the conditions for preceding employment vary from one country to another).

Unemployment insurance is arranged in different ways in the different Nordic countries. More information about the unemployment insurance of the different countries is available from the respective authorities.

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