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Healthcare benefits

You are entitled to healthcare in the country where you live or work. In addition, you are always entitled to necessary healthcare treatment during a temporary stay in other Nordic countries.


According to EU legislation, if you move temporarily from one EU/EEA country to another, you are entitled to seek medically necessary treatment and receive reimbursement for healthcare expenses, even if you are not covered by the social insurance of the destination country. Your entitlement to healthcare services is demonstrated by the European Health Insurance Card issued by the authorities in your home country. You can use the healthcare services provided by public healthcare units, and you will be charged the same customer fees as those who reside permanently in the country. The European Health Insurance Card also entitles you to visits to private doctors and hospitals that operate within the reimbursement system.

If you temporarily move from one Nordic country to another, you can prove your entitlement to healthcare by presenting a European Health Insurance Card, your passport or other valid form of personal ID, and by providing your permanent address in the other Nordic country. Some Nordic countries require you to pay a deductible for each visit to a doctor. For more information about the healthcare system in specific countries, read the information provided under each individuall country.

Sickness allowance

If you work in a Nordic country, you are generally entitled to a sickness allowance in that country. The structure of the sickness allowance system varies a lot between countries.

If you move from one Nordic country to another during the sickness allowance period, the payment of the sickness allowance from your country of departure will continue until the end of the payment period. Please clarify your right to a sickness allowance payable from the country of departure in other situations prior to your move.

Rehabilitation and disability benefits 


Rehabilitation benefits are normally divided into cash benefits and benefits-in-kind. These are normally paid out by the country in which you live and work.

Cash benefits

As a rule, employees have the right to rehabilitation cash benefits in accordance with the legislation of the country in which they are employed. Conditions for the granting of benefits vary between the Nordic countries.

Rehabilitation benefits-in-kind

Rehabilitation benefits-in-kind refers to, for example, education and on-the-job training. An employee’s right to these benefits is determined by the legislation of the country of residence.

If you are a cross-border worker, you may also be entitled to benefits-in-kind from the country in which you work, depending on the legislation of that country. The preconditions for granting benefits-in-kind vary between the Nordic countries.

Disability pensions

If you have worked in two or more Nordic countries, you may be entitled to a disability pension from each country, provided you meet the requirements in the country in question.

Generally, if your work ability is impaired to a certain degree and rehabilitation has not been successful, disability pension might be an option. Each country has its own rules governing disability pensions, for example, as regards the required degree of disability.

European Health Insurance Card

According to EU regulations, individuals visiting another EU/EEA country have the right to necessary healthcare and to reimbursements for healthcare costs. Your right to healthcare is attested by the Europe-an health insurance card, granted by the authorities in your home country. You can receive treatment in public healthcare units, and you are then charged the same fees as the residents of that country.