Unemployment benefit

Unemployment benefit in Norway

Unemployment benefit is intended to partially compensate for your loss of income when you become unemployed.
Conditions for receiving unemployment benefits are

  • The time at work shall have been reduced by at least 50 percent
  • Your previous income must have exeeded a minimum level
  • You must be a genuine jobseeker and submit your declaration card every 14 days
  • You cannot, as a rule, be a student

How do you claim for unemployment benefit in Norway

In order to become eligible for unemployment benefit, you must first register as a job seeker. You can submit your claim for unemployment benefit electronically at the self-service option “Ditt NAV”.If you use the computers available in the common areas at your local NAV office, the staff there can assist you.

When can you start claiming unemployment benefit?

If you have registered as a job seeker, you are normally eligible for unemployment benefit from the date of registration, provided that you submit a complete claim for unemployment benefit within four weeks. Normally, that means you have up to four weeks to obtain all the documentation NAV requires without losing money. If you need more time that these four weeks, you must contact NAV.

Read more about unemployment benefit on NAVs website.