The pension system in Norway

Retirement pension

Retirement pensions from the National Insurance Scheme ensure that you have an income in your old age. You can start drawing a retirement pension the month after you turn 62. In order to draw a retirement pension before you turn 67, you must have accumulated sufficient pension rights. You can work as much as you want without your pension being reduced. Old-age pensioners who have turned 67 and people on a disability pension who provide for a spouse and/or children under the age of 18 can receive a means-tested dependant supplement.

Contractual pension (AFP)

Most employees in Norway have a Contractual pension under the AFP scheme. AFP is an early retirement pension, given from the age of 62, for those who work in areas where there are collective agreements and AFP contained in the collective agreement.

Pension to surviving spouse

A widow or a widower who has been married or in a registered partnership for at least 5 years or has had a child or children with the deceased may receive a survivor’s pension based on the rights the deceased had earned within national insurance in Norway. Cohabitants are also entitled to survivor’s pension provided they have a child or children with the deceased and lived with the deceased at the time of demise. A deduction from the pension is made for the income the survivor may receive or can be expected to receive. The deduction constitutes 40 per cent of the income over a non-deductible amount. The pension to the surviving widow or widower is not time limited, but will cease if the surviving person: • remarries or has a child with a cohabitant. • receives old age pension. • receives disability pension or contractual pension [from a public pension scheme or according to special legislation]. Those pensions may be adjusted with a survivor’s benefit.

Disability pension

Persons who have earned the right to a pension in Norway may have a right to a disability pension from the national insurance if the ability to work has decreased by at least 50 per cent as a result of long-term sickness or. If you has been gainfully employed, after a sickness period of a year and after having undergone appropriate medical treatment with possible rehabilitation aiming at improving the ability to earn an income, a disability pension may be granted.

From January 2015, the disability pensions was replaced by disability benefits. One of the most important changes is that it will be easier for those who are able to work to earn an income without this affecting their degree of disability.

Contact NAV

Please call NAV Contact Centre pension if you have questions or need more guidance on pensions.The telephone number is + 47 55 55 33 34.