Family benefits

Family benefits

As a child is born and grows, Kela pays various benefits to families covered by Finnish social security. Such benefits include e.g. maternity grant, parental allowances and child benefit.

Maternity grant

You can apply for maternity grant when you have been pregnant for more than 5 months (154 days). The maternity grant is either a maternity package that includes baby clothes and child care products, or the value of the package in cash. If you choose the cash option you will receive a tax-free sum of EUR 140.

Parental allowances

When you have a child you may apply for parental allowance from Kela. These include maternity and paternity allowances, parental allowance and special maternity allowance that is paid if you have to stop working due to risk to the unborn child. 

  • The maternity allowance is paid to the mother for 105 days, followed by parental allowance for 158 days, paid to either the mother or the father.
  • Paternity allowance is paid to the father for a maximum of 54 days. Some of the paternity allowance days may coincide with the mother’s parental allowance days. The paternity allowance days need to be used up before the child turns two.

To receive a daily allowance you must have lived in Finland for 180 days immediately before the estimat-ed date of birth of the child. Insurance periods in other Nordic, EU and EEA countries are included in this time period.

Child benefit

Kela pays child benefits for children living in Finland. Children of employees coming from the Nordic or EU countries may, in some cases, be paid child benefit even if the child does not reside in Finland.

The benefit begins the month after the birth of the child or the month when the child is eligible for child benefit in connection with moving to Finland etc. The final child benefit payment is made during the month when the child reaches the age of 17. The child benefit is graduated according to the number of children.

NOTE: The child benefit is larger in the Åland Islands than on the mainland, and is paid by the regional government there. 

Support for home care and private day care

After the parental leave ends, you may care for your child at home and be given support for home care. You may also choose between public and private day care. It is possible to receive support for private day care.