Family benefits

Family benefits

Applies if you have a family when you live and/or work in Denmark

Child and youth allowance

You will automatically receive a child and youth benefit if:

  • you live in Denmark
  • you are fully taxable in Denmark
  • your child is under the age of 18
  • your child lives in Denmark
  • your child is not dependent of the public
  • your child is not married

You can not receive children and youth benefit if you move permantly from Denmark, unless you continue to work in Denmark.

You must apply for children and youth benefit if your child lives in another EU/EEA country while you work in Denmark.

Child and youth benefit has as from January 1st 2014 been made dependent on the parents income. This means that if you and/or your spouses income is above a certain amount your child and youth allowance will be reduced.

Supplementary child allowance

You can receive supplementary child allowance if you are in a special situation. It may be if you are:

  • single parent a pensioner
  • a student or trainee
  • parent of twins, triplets etc.
  • the only parent to a child
  • adoptive parent

The conditions are different for each supplementary child allowance. You can find more information about the benefits on

Maternity benefits

You can receive maternity benefit as a financial compensation for loss of income when you are absent from work as a result of pregnancy, birth or adoption. Employees, self-employed persons and those who are unemployed have the possibility of receiving maternity benefit.

You can get maternity benefit if you are an employee and have worked the last 13 weeks before you go on leave. If you are self-employed you must have worked in the past month and at least 6 months within the last year before going on maternity leave. If you are unemployed and receive unemployment benefits, you can also get maternity benefits. You can get maternity leave with maternity benefits for 4 weeks before you expect to give birth. After you have given birth, you have 2 weeks of maternity leave which you must take. Then you have 12 weeks of maternity leave. If you do not meet the 12 weeks you will lose the right to hold them later.

As a father you can keep paternity leave with maternity for 2 weeks.

After the 14 weeks of maternity leave both of you can take parental leave for 32 weeks that is 64 weeks in total. However, it is only for a total of 32 of the 64 weeks, you can get maternity benefits.

Adoption leave

To get maternity benefit when you adopt, you must have a letter from the State Administration, which says that one parent should be home with the baby for a while.

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Family benefits are provided by the country where the child's father or mother has his/her social insurance.

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