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You are normally entitled to unemployment benefits from the country where you last worked. If you move to another country when you are unemployed, you are covered by the social insurance in the country where you are resident according to the population register.

If you become unemployed after you have worked in a Nordic country, you are normally entitled to unemployment benefits from the country where you last worked. However you are then required to make yourself available for work in the country from which you seek benefits. Unemployment benefits and the criteria for receiving such benefits are different in all the countries.

Work in other Nordic countries is included

If it is required that you have been covered by unemployment insurance or have worked for a given period in order to receive unemployment benefits, this period is also taken into account when you have been insured or worked in another Nordic country or EU/EEA country.

According to the Nordic Convention on social security, periods of work in other Nordic countries are immediately taken into account without you having to work in the country to which you return. This presumes that over the last five years you
• have received unemployment benefits in the country to which you move or
• have had unemployment insurance in the country to which you are moving.

Seeking work in another Nordic country

If you wish to search for a job in another Nordic country you are, as an unemployed person, entitled to export your unemployment benefits from the country you´re moving from for a period of 3 months. If you return within the 3 months, you will continue to receive unemployment benefit without a break.

You need a certificate of your entitlement to export unemployment benefits from the authority in the country you´re moving from.
Read more about the possibility of receiving unemployment benefits while looking for a job in a different country on the internet addresses on the right. You can also contact the employment office in your home town.

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