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Social insurance in the Nordic countries

When you live in a Nordic country you are subject to the social insurance/welfare system in that country, if do not work in another country.

If you are an employee you will be subject to the social insurance/welfare system in your new country of work. This also applies if you do not move to this country but are resident in another Nordic country. This follows from the regulations of the Nordic Convention on Social Security, which again follows the EU/EEA regulations.

You and your partner and children are eligible for social insurance benefits in the new country of residence or the new country of work on equal terms with the citizens of that country. This follows the regulations in the Nordic Convention on Social Security.

Please note that the regulations, types of benefit and benefit rates can vary from country to country. Each of the Nordic countries follows their own legislation. 

Separate regulations may apply if you are not a Nordic citizen. You should find out in more detail concerning what regulations apply to you.

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