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When you move to another Nordic country, contact your pension authority for more information on payment.

Notification of moving

If, as a pensioner, you move to another Nordic country it is important to notify your move to the authority that pays the pension. The move shall also be notified to the population registry office

Family benefits

These are paid primarily by the country that pays the pension.
A pensioner can be entitled to family benefits in the country of residence. Family benefits from the pension country will then be deducted and any difference paid out.

Entitlement to health care services

A pensioner is entitled to treatment by a doctor, treatment at a hospital, care etc in the country of residence according to the regulations that apply there. In some of the Nordic countries, the patient shall pay a general contribution.

Residence-based supplements

Any supplements that depend on the cost of living or income such as housing allowance are paid by the authorities in the country of residence according to the regulations that apply there.


The regulations governing tax on pensions in the different countries are found on the Nordic tax portal

Country of residence

The national legislation on population registration in the country to where you are moving, determine whether you are considered to be a resident of that country.

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Pension when moving within the Kingdom of Denmark (Denmark, Faroe Islands and Greenland)

Special rules apply to pension when moving within the United Kingdom of Denmark. The pension is calculated according to the rates and age limits which apply to that part of the Kingdom of Denmark where you are resident.

For example if you, as an old age pensioner, move from Denmark to the Faroe Islands, your Danish pension will cease and, instead, you will receive a Faroese pension according to the rates and age limit that apply in the Faroe Islands.

Note that there are different age limits for old age pensions within the Kingdom of Denmark.