Health related benefits/

Treatment by a doctor etc at a hospital and essential medicines are covered by the national social insurance but you need to pay a patient's charge. As a member of the national insurance, you are entitled to have a general practitioner (GP) as your regular doctor.


The national insurance does not cover charges for general dental treatment for adults. There are free school dentists for children.

Sickness benefit

When you become sick or injured, you are entitled to sickness benefit paid according to your income. Sickness benefit equals your income up to a certain level. The requirement is that you have been gainfully employed for at least 4 weeks. This requirement can be met by including work periods in another Nordic country. Sickness benefit can be paid for one year but the requirement is that you must engage in a work-related activity as early as possible.

Work Assessment Allowance

Work Assessment Allowance is a new benefit replacing rehabilitation allowance, benefits during vocational rehabilitation and time limited disability benefit. Work Assessment Allowance is meant to secure your income while you, on account of illness or injury, need vocational measures, medical treatment or follow up by The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service in order to acquire or keep suitable employment.

Disability pension


Funeral grant

Given to cover funeral expenses. Means-testing is not applicable to children under the age of 18.

Sickness benefits in the Nordic countries

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