Sickness - Nordsoc

Sickness and health services in Norway

As a member of the national insurance, you are entitled to have a general practitioner (GP) as your regular doctor. Essential medicines and treatment by a doctor or hospital are covered by the National Social Insurance, but you need to pay a patient's charge.


The national insurance does not cover charges for general dental treatment for adults. There are free school dentists for children.

Sickness benefit

Sickness benefits compensate for loss of income for employed members of the National Insurance Scheme who are occupationally disabled due to an illness or injury.

  • You must be occupationally disabled due to a disability that is clearly caused by your own illness or injury.
  • You must have been working for at least four weeks.
  • You must lose pensionable income due to your occupational disability.

It is a requirement that the income that the calculation of your sickness benefits is based is at least fifty percent of the basic amount (1/2 G). This income limit does not apply to sickness benefits paid during the employer liability period. Your occupational disability may be documented by a personal declaration or by a sick leave certificate from your doctor.

Sickness benefit can be paid for one year but the requirement is that you must engage in a work-related activity as early as possible.

Work Assessment Allowance

A work assessment allowance allows you to have an income in periods during which you are ill or injured and need assistance from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) to return to work. This assistance may include employment schemes, medical treatment or other follow-up measures from NAV

Disability pension

Disability pension may be relevant for those with permanently impaired earning capacity due to illness or injury.

You can combine income and disability benefits. The aim is to get more people to try to work, given the possibilities they have.