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Family benefits

Family benefits

Child benefit

Child benefit is a kind of benefit that is paid for all children under the age of 18 years who live in Norway. The purpose of child benefit is to help cover the costs of raising children. Single parents are entitled to child benefit for one child more than they actually live with (extended child benefit).

Cash-for-care benefits for the parents of toddlers

You can receive cash-for-care benefits if your child is between the ages of 1 and 2 years and does not attend a government subsidized kindergarten. If your child is adopted, it may be up to school age.

When you move to Norway you may be eligible for cash-for-care benefit when the whole family is residing in Norway and will be living here for at least 12 months. This applies to all foreign nationals who are resident in Norway, registered on the Norwegian population register and who have legal residence.

If you are a national of an EEA country and are working in Norway, you may be entitled to cash-for-care benefit even if you will be residing in Norway for less than 12 months. Read more about child benefit and cash-for-care benefit as a foreign employee in Norway.

Birth and adoption

An gainfully employed woman is eligible for pregnancy benefit prior to the birth. After the birth she is entitled to parental benefit calculated in the same way as sickness benefit.

The purpose of parental benefits is to ensure income for parents in connection with the birth of a child. You can receive parental benefits if you have been occupationally active and have had a pensionable income for at least six of the last ten months before the benefit period commences.

A woman who has not been gainfully employed prior to the birth is paid a lump sum maternity grant at the birth.

Similar benefits apply in case of adoption.