The Danish pension system consists of a social pension, which is financed through taxes and private sector pensions which the citizen makes contributions to.
As a Nordic citizen living or working in Denmark you earn an entitlement to a Danish social pension if you meet the statutory requirements. In Denmark you can earn the entitlement to the old age pension or early retirement pension. Entitlement to a social pension that you have earned will be paid when other statutory requirements are met. Some payments can take place even if you do not live in Denmark.

Old-age pension

You can receive the state pension when your age is between 65 and 67 years depending on when you were born.
Old-age pension consists of a basic amount. In addition, you will receive a additional pension that depends on whether you are single or married / cohabiting.
If you have income from work, your basic pension will be reduced. The same happens to your additional pension if you or your spouse / partner have other income such as work or private pensions.

Postponed old-age pension

Do you want to postpone the payment of your old age pension, you can choose it when you make your application.
If you postpone your old-age pension, you can earn a wait percent, which will be converted into an additional pension, you get with your old-age pension. To earn a wait percent it is a requirement that you meet the employment requirement of a minimum of 750 hours of work in a calendar year.

Disability pension

You are only entitled to disability pension if you are not able to support yourself at work because your ability to work is permanently reduced. You are not entitled to receive a disability pension if you only lose your ability to work for a period.
You are not entitled to disability pension if you can improve your work. Disability pension is in other words the final solution.
You may be entitled to disability pension from the time you turn 40 years old, and until you reach pensionable age. If you are under 40 years, you are only in exceptional cases entitled to disability benefits.

Survivors pension and survivors help

You can get your spouse or partner's state pension paid for three months after his/her death, if you were married or cohabiting with someone who was also a pensioner. This is called a survivor's pension. To get survivor's pension is a condition that you were cohabiting.
If you are not entitled to receive a survivor's pension, you can apply for survivors help from the municipality


ATP is the abbreviation for the Supplementary Pension and is a statutory benefit that is normally paid in addition to wages so that you as a Nordic citizen have the opportunity to earn a supplementary pension for later payment.

Early retirement

You have the opportunity to take early retirement from the time you are 60 or 62 years, depending on when you were born. In order to be eligible for early retirement, you must have paid early retirement contributions for 30 years and at the latest started your payments on your 30th birthday .

Flex benefit

You can get flex benefit from the time you are 60 or 64 years, depending on when you were born. It is a condition that you qualify for a flexjob and that you have been such for 3 months. You must also have paid flexible benefit contributions for 30 years and later started your payments on your 30th birthday .

Partial pension

Partial pension is an option of gradual retirement. You must be between 60 or 64 years, depending on when you were born. You must have been born before 1959, have 10 years of contribution to ATP within the last 20 years and you may not have obtained or exercised the right to have an early retirement certificate.

Seniorjob scheme

If you lose the right to unemployment benefits less than five years before you reach early retirement age , your municipality must offer you a senior job under ordinary conditions.

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