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Nordic social insurance portal

This portal has been set up by the social insurance authorities in the Nordic countries. The gateway is directed at persons who move to/take up work or study in another Nordic country.

The portal is designed to provide guidance on which country’s legislation a person is subject to in different situations. Information is also available on which benefits a person is entitled to. By going to the portal you can find the right authority in the right country and the contact links to the relevant authorities.

Social insurance in the Nordic countries

Social insurance in Finland


Everybody who works in Finland earns an income-based pension. Those who are not gainfully employed or who have earned only a small...

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Social insurance in Denmark

Unemployment benefits

If you are a member of the unemployment insurance (an unemployment benefit fund [a-kasse]) in Denmark, you will as a Nordic citizen be...

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Social insurance in Sweden

Parental benefit

Parental benefit gives parents the opportunity to be away from work to care for a child.

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Social insurance in Norway

Sickness benefit

When you become sick or injured, you are entitled to sickness benefit paid according to your income.

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